The timesheet KILL switch!

Is it time?

Have you ascended the pinnacle of value based pricing? Has trust replaced timesheets? Have results replaced hours?


The timesheet kill switch in TimeRewards is not a feature, it is a celebration. It’s not just time to check the box on your setup screen, it’s time to open the champagne.

Why turn on the Kill Switch?

When you have completely transitioned over to Value Based Pricing in it’s purest form, then it is time to remove all references, workflow, and approvals around timesheets from the system.

What happens when you check this box?

All references and links to timesheets are removed. TimeRewards will become a project management system and not a time keeping system, you will notice the following changes:

1. My Time tab – will become My Work, the day, week, and calendar view of timesheets will not be available, only the To Do list is available.

2. Timesheet tab – will become the Work tab, you will use this tab to keep tab on project milestones, and not hours.

3. In Customer | Billing Tab – you will not longer have an option to setup hourly billing rates, this will be replaced with Change Order

How do I turn on the Kill Switch?

In TimeRewards, go to Setup | Timesheet Preferences. At the bottom, look for the Timesheet Kill Switch*. Check this box to turn off the timesheet functionality in TimeRewards.


* Currently available by invitation only

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