Introducing TimeRewards 2018


TimeRewards 2018 is an OPTIONAL upgrade for existing users. To check out the new version, click on the Try 2018 icon on the right of your screen.

A new look and feel

One notable thing about TimeRewards 2018 is the change in appearance. Instead of listing the rationale behind the changes, allow me to elaborate on them.

  1. We moved the menu to the left after the space on top could not accommodate the new features added to the application.
  2. Initially the 2015 TimeRewards version followed a discreet concept; hiding many features behind the menu button, Consequently, new users accepted it very gradually. The new version however, exposes all the features on the page itself, making them easier to find.


New Feature: INVOICING

Invoicing so powerful, it will leave you captivated!

  • 1-Click invoicing
  • Reduce common errors with our setup and overlook model
  • Invoice for Hourly, Fixed Fee, Phased, Milestone, % complete, Value Pricing (Packages) projects
  • Email invoices directly to customer, or export to QuickBooks online spreadsheets


New Feature: BUDGETING

Assign budgets to a project and track budget vs genuine in real time. Budget for hours, amount, and expenses. TimeRewards gives you the ability to drill down your budget allocations to the employee and task level.


It enables you to assign budgets to a project and allows time tracking in actual time: Budget for hours, amount and expenses. Hence it allows you to reduce your budget allocation to the employees and task level.

More Reports

Get to understand your business with profitability reports across projects, tasks and employees.

  • Project WIP
  • Project and Employee Profitability
  • Budget vs Actual
  • Value Pricing Efficiency


There are more than 165 new features and enhancement in TimeRewads Software

Give it a try and forward your feedback to