Time Tracking

Time tracking in excel format
Week View of time sheet in TimeRewards

TimeRewards has 4 different views available for time tracking. You can use the view that best meets your personal style and preference, and you can switch between views at anytime.

Week View: Our most common view, this view looks like an excel sheet and is a great way to enter time quickly. You can double click on the cell to enter additional information like billable hours and notes. If you enter notes regularly, you can customize the timesheet to show the notes column in the grid itself.

Month or Calendar View: This  is a great view to use if you book appointments and need to check availability

Day View: It is a great view to use if you enter multiple activities per day and need to enter detailed notes for each activity

To Do: The To Do view adds another dimension to time tracking in TimeRewards. You can use it as a simple To-Do list where you add pending and future tasks with due dates and mark them complete once done.